I have been a translator for as long as I have been an interpreter. It all started in the mid-1980s, when I was still a sports addict. I came across a book on Triathlon, in English, and took it upon myself to translate it into Portuguese.

The problem was that I did not yet have a publisher, so half of my time was spent trying to persuade anyone to publish a book about what was considered back then an obscure topic. It took some tooth-pulling, but I eventually managed to convince the University of Brasilia Press to buy into the project.

The book came out in 1988. Translating it was easy, for I knew the subject inside out. I enjoyed the job immensely. My publisher liked the translation, too, and entrusted me with several other books more.

I later proceeded to found my own translation agency (Die Presse, at its prime one of Brazil’s largest), and for 17 years I was personally involved as a linguist and as a manager in a myriad of multilingual translation jobs. I translate to and from English and Portuguese and into one of these languages from Spanish, Italian and French.

Career Highlights

Translation agency owner for 17 years, supervising a huge on-line / on-site pool of linguists.

Former contractor with State Department, IMF, World Bank, ECLAC, JID, CID

Former translator grader for the U.S. Department of State

Former Head of Protocol and PR the Brazilian House of Representatives.

Former Interpreter to the Speaker of the House and Vice-President of Brazil

Language services coordinator at the Brasilia International Film Festival, 2005

Former Chief Translator in a 5-year contract with the Ministry of Justice in Brazil

Former Chief Translator in long-term contracts with the Ministry of Tourism and Embratur (BR)

Distinguished Speaker at the 50th ATA Annual Conference, New York City, 2009

Former senior proofreader, précis-writer and reviser at the Brazilian House of Representatives

Translator of Books

Federalism: An Introduction – George Anderson, The Forum of Federations. FGV Editora, 2009;

Running & Being – Dr. George Sheehan; Die Presse Editorial, Brasília, 1996;

Reinventing Government – Osborne and Gaebler; MH Editora, Brasília, 1993;

Amazonia: The Resiliency and Dynamism of the Land and its People – Nigel J. H. Smith;

Schwarzkopf: Desert Storm – General Swharzkopf, LGE, Brasília, 1991;

Geohistory: The Global Evolution of the Earth – Minoru Ozima; Editora UnB; 1989;

Triathlon Training and Competition – Glenn Town; Editora UnB; 1988.