Interviews and Press Appearances

What follows is a non-exhaustive list of radio interviews, book reviews and other press appearances featuring my work as an interpreter and/or author. Be sure to follow the links below.

Featured on Globally Speaking, 2017

Interviewed by Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens about the new technologies that are changing the world of interpreting.

Le Mot Juste en Anglais,

interviewed by blogger Jonathan Goldberg. (Read it in French). Los Angeles-Geneva. 2015.

CBN Radio,

with talk show host Alves de Mello. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2007.

Brazilian Senate Radio,

talk show Autores e Livros, with Margarida Patriota. Brasilia, Brazil. 2007.

Radiobras Radio Talk Show.

Brasilia, Brazil. 2007.

Correio Braziliense (newspaper).

Coloque os Fones. Brasilia, Brazil. April 30, 2007.

Revista Lusofonia (magazine),

with readers in lusophone Africa, Portugal and Brazil, under the headingof Palavras Pelo Mundo, by Rute de Azevedo, Johannesburgh, April/May, 2007.

Revista Língua Portuguesa (magazine).

Intérpretes em Tempo Real, by Alex Sander Alcantara. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2007.

Viver em Brasília

(TV talk show, with Monica Nobrega). Brasilia, Brazil, 2005.

RBI Interview

(TV talk show, with Pedro Pontes). Brasília, Brazil, 2005. (Click here to watch Part 2).

Press Reviews

Book Review

(Sua Majestade, o Intérprete), by Arlene Kelly, Ph.D. Translation Journal, Volume 13, No. 1, January, 2009, Poughkeepsie, New York. Online publication.

Interpretação e Tradução: Dois Lados de Uma Mesma Moeda?

(Interpreting and Translation: Two Sides of One Same Coin?), by Virgilio Pereira, Ph.D., Revista de Letras, Journal of the Catholic University of Brasilia, Volume 1, No. 1. 2008. Brasilia, Brazil. This article was featured on the Federal Senate public exam for interpreters in Brazil.

Book Review

by Adail Sobral, Ph.D., commissioned by SBS Publishers. Letter to the author. Prof. Sobral is an author, a researcher in Translation Theory and a Professor at the Catholic University of Pelotas, Brazil.

Dicas de Português,

by Dad Squarisi, Correio Braziliense (newspaper), May, 2007. Brasilia, Brazil.

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