The CAT is Out of the Bag. Now, is it Alive?


I am old enough to remember the days when translators relied solely on paper dictionaries and when a CAT was just a home pet.  And being the dinosaur I am earns me the right to be stubborn, too. So, when the innovation .. Read More.

The Accidental Translator


This book tells the story of how I accidentally became a translator — and soon thereafter an interpreter — 30 years ago. It also testifies to how winding anybody’s professional route is and it drives home an idea best summarized in this quote by John Lennon: .. Read More.

How I Got My Green Card in Just 50 Days

green card

Too many people have asked, so I have decided to share the story of how I secured my US Green Card in under 50 days, for myself and my family. Are you a top-notch professional, with an extraordinary level of .. Read More.

Finnish: My Newest Language


Wondering why it took me so long to write a post? I was too busy learning FINNISH! Don’t believe me? Well, check out the impeccable translations I have just completed in English AND Portuguese, of an article by Teija Potenze in .. Read More.