Portable Interpretation Equipment: What to Get and Why


Portable interpretation systems get a bad rap, and the names used to designate them leave no doubt: tour-guide system; bidule (the thingy); valisette (the briefcase). Yet there are settings where they are the only practical solution available, which explains their .. Read More.

Are You The Best of the Best?


“Welcome to the largest multilingual summit this office has ever organized. Congratulations on making it here. You are the best of the best.” With these words, the chief interpreter of a top international organization greeted a team of 70 interpreters .. Read More.

Tá Se Achando? (in Portuguese)


Eles estão por toda parte. Narcisistas intolerantes e exigentes, para quem nada parece bastar: a remuneração é pouca, a jornada é cansativa, o serviço é maçante, o café está frio. Excessivamente críticos e falantes, sempre a vasculhar o ambiente em busca de colegas .. Read More.

Are You a Prima Donna?

prima donna

A prima donna is easy to spot. A capricious, over demanding professional for whom nothing is ever right: pay is meager, hours are long, tasks are boring, and coffee is not fresh enough. Judgmental and vocal, prima donnas are constantly scanning their surroundings .. Read More.