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As it turns out, Mr. Jorge Castañeda speaks impeccable English. Yet, after admitting to having spent years “interpreting other people’s bad jokes”, and promising he would do his best not...

This book tells the story of how I accidentally became a translator -- and soon thereafter an interpreter -- 30 years ago. It also testifies to how winding anybody's professional route is and it drives...

Em alguns círculos profissionais, a reputação dos sistemas portáteis de interpretação não é das melhores, sobretudo na Europa. E os termos usados para designar um equipamento móvel não deixam dúvida quanto a isso: bidule (treco); valisette...

Portable interpretation systems get a bad rap, and the names used to designate them leave no doubt: tour-guide system; bidule (the thingy); valisette (the briefcase). Yet there are settings where...

  • Meet Ewandro

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Ewandro Magalhaes is, above all, a writer with two books and numerous articles to his credit. He’s a columnist for the ATA Chronicle and an award-winning fiction author.

He’s also a conference interpreter with 25+ years of experience interpreting for world leaders at the most prestigious summits. A Chief Interpreter in the United Nations sytem, Ewandro has helped blaze new trails in the use of technology for the remote, multilingual delivery of language services.

Finally, Ewandro is a trainer, speaker and mentor who is passionate about helping people change their outlook, find their voice and succeed on their terms. He lives in Geneva, with his wife, three children and Freddie, the family’s Yorkie.


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I have performed in every capacity in the language industry over the last 25 years. I hope my story will inspire you to pursue your dreams and succeed on your terms.

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I have built a solid international career as a professional linguist and senior executive. I have walked in your shoes and I can certainly help you walk in mine.

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