Mind your language, you @#x!$%* !

mind your language

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the BBC in connection with an incident involving the interpreter who watered down parts of President Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly that were critical of the Iranian regime. Detailed transcriptions .. Read More.

The CAT is Out of the Bag. Now, is it Alive?


I am old enough to remember the days when translators relied solely on paper dictionaries and when a CAT was just a home pet.  And being the dinosaur I am earns me the right to be stubborn, too. So, when the innovation .. Read More.

For UN Interpreters, Less is More

Since the release of my video on the language requirements for interpreters in the UN, I have been contacted by many aspiring interpreters with questions that are, mutatis mutandis, more ore less the same. Basically, they want to know whether their language .. Read More.

Tá Se Achando? (in Portuguese)


Eles estão por toda parte. Narcisistas intolerantes e exigentes, para quem nada parece bastar: a remuneração é pouca, a jornada é cansativa, o serviço é maçante, o café está frio. Excessivamente críticos e falantes, sempre a vasculhar o ambiente em busca de colegas .. Read More.