For UN Interpreters, Less is More


Since the release of my video on the language requirements for interpreters in the UN, I have been contacted by many aspiring interpreters with questions that are, mutatis mutandis, more ore less the same. Basically, they want to know whether their language .. Read More.

Oh, Yes. I’m the Great Pretender


As it turns out, Mr. Jorge Castañeda speaks impeccable English. Yet, after admitting to having spent years “interpreting other people’s bad jokes”, and promising he would do his best not to tell any of his own, he went on to indicate .. Read More.

So You Want to Become a UN Interpreter

become a un interpreter

How can I become a UN interpreter? I get asked the question often by novice and experienced interpreters alike: Well, there is no real short answer to that question. Joining the staff of an international organization is a multi-step process, .. Read More.

7 Things a Chief Interpreter Wishes You Knew

chief interpreter

 There are arguably some disadvantages to being a chief interpreter. One does not get to interpret as often. One has a clock to punch, reports to write, long staff meetings to sit through, and scores of managerial chores that are not necessarily fun. And while one free-rides .. Read More.