Portable Interpretation Equipment: What to Get and Why


Portable interpretation systems get a bad rap, and the names used to designate them leave no doubt: tour-guide system; bidule (the thingy); valisette (the briefcase). Yet there are settings where they are the only practical solution available, which explains their .. Read More.

For UN Interpreters, Less is More

Since the release of my video on the language requirements for interpreters in the UN, I have been contacted by many aspiring interpreters with questions that are, mutatis mutandis, more ore less the same. Basically, they want to know whether their language .. Read More.

Tenha Seu Próprio Equipamento (in Portuguese)


Em alguns círculos profissionais, a reputação dos sistemas portáteis de interpretação não é das melhores, sobretudo na Europa. E os termos usados para designar um equipamento móvel não deixam dúvida quanto a isso: bidule (treco); valisette (malinha); tour-guide, etc. Contudo, há situações em que o equipamento .. Read More.

Public Speaking Secrets from an Interpreter

public speaking secrets

Regardless of your age, gender or position in life, there are some assumptions I can safely make about your past, present and future. Let us look back before we look forward. Odds are you had to speak in front of .. Read More.