My New Vintage Seal and Logo


The seal plays with the Latin spelling of my name (Magalhães is the original Portuguese name for Magellan). The motto, which again ties back to the intrepid navigator, translates loosely as tossed by the winds, always afloat. It is also .. Read More.

5 Detox Strategies for Multilingual Professionals

detox strategies

Jerome, the illustrious theologian and linguist we celebrate as the patron saint of translators, may have been canonized after his death, but while he trudged the earth his temper was rather unsaintly. His knack for languages was rivaled only by .. Read More.

Think You Have an Edge? Think Again

competitive edge

In 1988, I was living in Constance, Germany as a graduate student. The Seoul Olympics were upon us. I would compromise on anything, as long as I didn’t miss the men’s 100-meter dash final, the long-awaited face-off between legendary US sprinter .. Read More.