Public Speaking Secret 5

speaking secret 5

I got hit with a fine of U$1,500 the other day for speeding to a mere 116 km/h on one of the motorways around Geneva. The police took my driver’s licence for three months and charged me another 200 bucks for the .. Read More.

Speaking Secret 4: You’ll Fail Your Way To Success

speaking secret 4

Communicating is a fundamental survival skill, the first one a baby will exhibit once out of his mother’s womb. He will cry out loud to let her know he is alive and to indicate that the support system on which .. Read More.

Speaking Through Interpreters: The Cheat Sheet

cheat sheet

If you are speaking abroad, chances are people will not be listening to you. Rather, they will be listening to an interpreter (a.k.a. translator, although that is technically a misnomer). Sure, it all depends on the country and the dominant language .. Read More.